Dear Sky, Fuck You by Bryan Pognant

Dear Sky,

     You dont seem that high to me. Every time I jump, I'm scared of slamming my skull into a cloud or the edge of the atmosphere. It confuses me to hear a religious man screaming of the immaculate beauty exuding from you. You're not that great, man. But, I'm not trying to shit on you, just asking you to step it up, its getting a little cramped... Fuck you sky. You ain't that sly. Global warming's going to fuck you up anyway.  

- The Pogo Community


Pogosticks... BREAKING NEWS!!! by Bryan Pognant

BREAKING NEWS. Pogosticks have just been classified as a schedule one drug. Kids are getting so fucking... just having lots of fun on these things. It's insane to watch, I mean they're so high up there. But it's dangerous. These kids they jump as high as their little hearts will let them. They jump high enough to take a bite of a cloud, to sing to the stars, to whisper to the heavens one last time before dropping to the ground faster than a pile of bricks. Shit man, these things are just off the charts insane, radical to say the least. This being said, it's bullshit of course. Pogosticks are no more dangerous than needles, wood planks, and off-brand growth hormones... pogosticks are just pogosticks. So listen, if you're looking around the toy mart for a new jump toy, you're not gonna be looking in the right place. Come to 'ol Tony, he's a nice fellah, he'll hook you up with premium air. He'll get you higher than you ever imagined. 555-234-5124.

- 'ol Tony

Hey There Fellahs & What-Have-Yous... by Bryan Pognant

Sweet jesus and crackers, I feel happier than a pup nosin' around a bakery!     .... Ive got to say a dime or two bout yall doin those crazy jumps you been doin. I mean, damn. That shits tighter than a hay bail. I seen this one kid done get himself 11.5 feet into the air. Does it straight up, no angels helpin him or nothin... Fellahs livin on some dirt patch out in Uta-tah, and he can bounce higher than any city slicker with a stick to pick. Oh boy, and that Russian son of gun.. Mitka or something - that dude deserves a milkshake. Been throwing lines that would kill your mother, and combos that would resurrect your father! Them inward scissor kicks were crunchier than any tater I ever ate.. I respect the fellah, even thouh he choosin to eat like a Hippie - I respect his grit.          Just keep killin' it fellahs and what-have-you's. You doin' you. You lookin' slick. Talley ho to you and yur stick! 

- Benjamin Toothpick jr.

EPL Politely Insists That You Jump on a Pogostick. by Bryan Pognant

Go out, fuck up a spot, shit on gravity, splinter your femur. Find a stair set that stretches into the fog and barrel down that motherfucker with intent to kill. Crack the dome of your skull and create a pool of blood, then relax in it. Flip over to your stomach and submerge your face in the puddle. Breathe it in and blow it back out before standing back up. If you decide to jump, you are bound to the religion of self-expansion. You must now have the courage to explore each and every part of yourself as if it had always been a part of your design. Soon, action without thinking will become your mantra, and hours of passion will create an ability to surrender yourself to the moment. Years will pass and you'll realize that you have extended the functionality of your body, a once foreign object now feels as if you were born with it. Choosing to jump is choosing to take control of your life in a way that gives you an extended freedom.

We jump because, when the magic happens, that moment belongs to us forever.

We jump because, it gives the world new meaning and life. 

We jump because, it allows us to make a passionate proclamation of our existence. 


You asked for it so we're bringing it back by Bryan Pognant

EPL is proud to put on the Jersey City Jam for the second year in a row! The whole crew is invited to come out the Heights to hit the streets/ hills/ gutters of Jersey City.  Winner will be chosen by a special judge and the prize: some magical art.  Party on. Will see you there. 

Last years jam ^^^^^